Double Vision

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The first page of a webcomic from the Ill Bethisad shared universe is up. Steampunk space opera. It makes for a weird starship bridge! I hope I get back from Christchurch this weekend in time for page two.

New Neighbours

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I see people have moved into the big house behind me. There are lights on at night now. A minivan went up the driveway yesterday and back again. Looking at the untidiness of the van that I saw from my window I’m hoping that they are hippies and not cricketing sports-doofs as were living there last year.

Dialogue No. 1: A Friend Arrives

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People know I like inventing imaginary languages. It is an exercise of the mind, a puzzle that incorporates the whole world. I prefer to call them imaginary languages rather than ‘conlangs’, the term disseminated over the internet, shorthand for ‘constructed languages’. I have been making notes for such a language recently. This one has taken me several years to get this far. It is made from notes from dozens of Teach Yourself (languages) books that I own and collected over decades. I think I have completed the notes for now, unless I find editions that I don’t own, Turkish, Latvian and Sanskrit are obvious omissions to my collection. So I put together a dialogue, taking the text from a 1947 edition of Teach Yourself Chinese. Honestly the stuff people do for a hobby, you can’t make this stuff up! Now that I have perfected the first dialogue to my satisfaction (for now), I will post it for other lovers of language to find. You know who you are!

Having done one, I feel like doing another one!

Ignore the man behind the curtain