People know I like inventing imaginary languages. It is an exercise of the mind, a puzzle that incorporates the whole world. I prefer to call them imaginary languages rather than ‘conlangs’, the term disseminated over the internet, shorthand for ‘constructed languages’. I have been making notes for such a language recently. This one has taken me several years to get this far. It is made from notes from dozens of Teach Yourself (languages) books that I own and collected over decades. I think I have completed the notes for now, unless I find editions that I don’t own, Turkish, Latvian and Sanskrit are obvious omissions to my collection. So I put together a dialogue, taking the text from a 1947 edition of Teach Yourself Chinese. Honestly the stuff people do for a hobby, you can’t make this stuff up! Now that I have perfected the first dialogue to my satisfaction (for now), I will post it for other lovers of language to find. You know who you are!

Having done one, I feel like doing another one!

Host: Ei chomú-dâ kú piras There is someone at the door
Servant: Chota âyet ta? Who is there?
Friend: Ei’m It is I
Visitor: Chota tí ta? Who is it?
Host: Bodú úwedshim I don’t know
Visitor: Bodú ve kayir kú sestant I will go see
Host: Kain gieruk. Bodú ve kabâm Shinuwin kú yirant No need, I shall tell Shinuwin to go
Host: Shinuwin! Shinuwin!
Servant: Íe! Yes!
Host: Dâo dâ! Come here!
Servant: Íe! Yes!
Host: Ei chomú-dâ kú piras. Yirú kú sestant chota tí ta. There is someone at the door. Go and see who it is.
Servant: Íe! Right!
Servant: Korí ya, kakai sinú tí kembí? What is your name, sir?
Friend: Moi sinú tí Trushika. A âyet korí Kinig kú soi? My name is Trushika. Is Mr Kinig at home?
Servant: Íe, taní âyet kú soi. Kulahú penyirant Yes, he is. Please come in
Friend: Âriget Thank you
Servant: Korí Trushika tí dâte Mr. Trushika has come
Host: Kulahú ten penyirant Ask him to come in
Host: Korí Trushika ya, a tí kembí duono ya? Hello Mr. Trushika, how are you?
Friend: Duoní. Korí Kinig a koren Shirab ya, a tí ba kembien duono Quite well. Are you Mr. Kinig and Mr. Shirab, both well?
Host and Visitor: Duoní, duoní. Kulahú siedant súdakembí Quite well. Please take a seat
Friend: Âriget âriget Thank you, thank you
Host: Brobú châ! Prepare tea!
Servant: Kembí guôt dâ nena dok bodú dâ Coming in a moment
Host: Kulahú, korí Trushika, pihant châ Take some tea Mr. Trushika
Friend: Âriget Thank you
Host: A pohatíshim siedant súdakembí nidolgon bikkon Can’t you stay a little longer?
Friend: Púch! Ta tí chota-dâ so kiekt ‘pena bodú. Bodú múhe tai redyir Sorry! There is someone waiting for me. I must return
Friend: Príantantie shim. Don’t get up.
Host and Visitor: Ishikude dâno nena talika! Where do such words come from!
All together: Dua seh, dua seh Good-bye, good-bye