A rush of Saturdays to the head

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Let me check my calendar, but I think I’ve just finished an attack of Saturdays. No, wait, I have been invited to a 29th birthday party at the end of the month, and I must be going because I have penned it in! (You know who you are!)

End of February I went to the National Interfaith Forum in Christchurch. It was an enjoyable weekend away. Unfortunately in the middle of it all the last of my aunts died in Invercargill. When I got back to Dunedin all the local whanau had gone down ahead of me and the funeral was earlier in the week than I expected so there was no way for me to get down for it. It was a genuine Wall Meet Head moment, a reminder how in this detail of my life I am dependent on others.

Last weekend I watched the Metropolitan Opera version of Carmen at the Rialto. It was a wonderful sexy performance. Then at the last moment in the final confrontation between Carmen and Don José I found myself thinking OMG Don José is just another version of Clayton Weatherston and that creeped me out! So many operas strike me as creepy in that respect.

Yesterday I went to a barbecue out at Waitati. It was too windy to be outside and I spent most of the time introducing myself to a cute siamese kitten. In the evening I went to the Kazbah Studio to watch a friend dancing with the Khamzin Belly Dancing Tribe. I’m still feeling full of food. I tend to being a see-food dieter and yesterday was food-intensive.

As a consequence I have been out of touch with the Majellanic Urban Tribe for several weeks. Maybe that will be my next Saturday event!

Oh, yes, and I think I am in geek lust

Interfaith Interaction

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I wrote an article on the Presbyterian Research blog relating my visit to the National Interfaith Forum in Christchurch to the involvement that the Presbyterian Church has in interfaith and ecumenical affairs. It was fun even though I had to think furiously about what to write. I seem to be doing a bit of this recently as I’m also doing a report for my parish’s newsletter about the forum. I should post it here after it gets circulated.