Let me check my calendar, but I think I’ve just finished an attack of Saturdays. No, wait, I have been invited to a 29th birthday party at the end of the month, and I must be going because I have penned it in! (You know who you are!)

End of February I went to the National Interfaith Forum in Christchurch. It was an enjoyable weekend away. Unfortunately in the middle of it all the last of my aunts died in Invercargill. When I got back to Dunedin all the local whanau had gone down ahead of me and the funeral was earlier in the week than I expected so there was no way for me to get down for it. It was a genuine Wall Meet Head moment, a reminder how in this detail of my life I am dependent on others.

Last weekend I watched the Metropolitan Opera version of Carmen at the Rialto. It was a wonderful sexy performance. Then at the last moment in the final confrontation between Carmen and Don José I found myself thinking OMG Don José is just another version of Clayton Weatherston and that creeped me out! So many operas strike me as creepy in that respect.

Yesterday I went to a barbecue out at Waitati. It was too windy to be outside and I spent most of the time introducing myself to a cute siamese kitten. In the evening I went to the Kazbah Studio to watch a friend dancing with the Khamzin Belly Dancing Tribe. I’m still feeling full of food. I tend to being a see-food dieter and yesterday was food-intensive.

As a consequence I have been out of touch with the Majellanic Urban Tribe for several weeks. Maybe that will be my next Saturday event!

Oh, yes, and I think I am in geek lust