I saw an opera last weekend, Hamlet. It is different than Shakespeare’s version although derived from it. In the first French version Hamlet is still alive at the end and says more or less: Everyone’s dead, but now I am king. When it’s performed in English speaking countries they usually use the alternative ending with Hamlet dying at Ophelia’s gravesite.

It made me wonder if anyone has attempted to write ‘Hamlet: The Prequel’. What was Hamlet the elder like as king? Why, in the end, did Gertrude commit adultery with his brother, and Claudius commit fratricide? Shakespeare tells us nothing of what led up to the betrayal. At least I don’t recall it.

Best wishes to Dedalvs with the creation of Dothraki. I hope the series will be more successful than the books (at least for me). I ended up skimming the last quarter of the first book. Too many unsympathetic characters behaving like idiots. Not a series of books to which I intend to go back. If I have only one score and ten of my life left to me, then I don’t want to spend it reading annoying literature.

Oh, and by the way, Apex Blog are posting up a series Jesus and the Eightfold Path in which Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy are the three wise men looking for baby Jesus because they think he could be Tripitaka.