The time/space continuum has become much more dangerous. It has lightning bolts in it now.

She prays to Santa. And Santa answers by crashing a flying police box in the garden shed! I’m in the wrong religion! Either that or Santa has better script writers than Jesus!

Matt Smith does a good show in gawkiness. There’s a Got Milk ad there just waiting to be made.

Wonderful crackling dialogue.

Very few people realise how sinister a door swung open by itself can be. Moffett obviously does. One reason why I’m not going to watch Paranormal Activity, what the trailers don’t show for that movie was enough to creep me out.

Ah, a country hospital–oh, we’ve so been here before!

Attraxi prison guards sound remarkably like Vogons!

Twenty minutes to save the world–nothing unusual about that on Doctor Who

Hurrah, a classic mini! No, I’m not talking about Amy Pond’s uniform. And a companion who temps as a kissergram. This is a different generation of Doctor Who fans than with which I grew up.

One of those men on the computer screen was Sir Patrick More. Nice cameo, sir! Heard him lecture once on Otago University campus. Astronomy is one of the few fields where amateurs can contribute to science. I wonder if the rest were real people.

Who wouldn’t steal a fire engine! Although the Doctor was up that ladder pretty fast.

The cracks across the skin of the universe might prove to be this season’s theme. Wait and see.

The Doctor get his new costume from a hospital changing room yet again.

Poor Amy, missed out again. No, wait, he’s back and late again. I’m betting he’ll be late getting Amy to the wedding chapel on time!

The girl who played young Amelia was a talented actress.