Oh my god! It’s the scary girl from Life on Mars!

The engines aren’t working, and apparently checking for engine vibrations is a sign that you are the Doctor. Everyone else is a good citizen.

The Doctor’s not human.

They have landed in a pool of tripe! (I can’t think of anything more terrifying!) And only escape because the Doctor triggers a gag reaction.

The queen saves the Doctor because she is the only person outside the system. She hasn’t forgotten who the Doctor is. I wasn’t listening carefully so I didn’t notice if mention was made of the Doctor being knighted twice: the tenth Doctor by Queen Victoria, and I believe the fifth Doctor by King John in King’s Demons.

Oops! Now the queen is being held for her own safety. It turns out she has forgotten something. Deliberately. Just like everyone else on this ship.

The Beast Below propells the ship. There is only one choice and Amy gets it right, in the end, after all the authority figures, including the Doctor, get it wrong. If there is a big red button saying ‘Don’t Press Me’, then narrative force demands you press it! It’s gotterdammerung all over again!

Star Whale, Time Lord, same thing.

Get me to the church on time! That crack in the hull must be a hint that we shall be returning to the Starship UK in a future episode.

And if it is true that the Starship UK was the last ship to escape the solar flares burning the earth then what really did happen to the Starship Scotland?