‘How are you, what are you doing?’

Fine thanks. When I was asked this by a busy friend I was on the way down the hill to the postbox at the supermarket. It was Sunday afternoon and I had to post a letter to the comic shop in Wellington. I owed them £8 for several months worth of comics, mostly Angel, Buffy and Doctor Who. I don’t think they have received it yet because I received an email today to say it is up to £10 now. Ouch, but that will come down.

After that I walked into the university because I wanted to make a name for my Scribbles file. I had passed by the terraced houses on Dundas Street and noted the graffitied names on the doors and the stickers and realised that I could put them together into a name. It was passably Italianate names and playing around with the dictionaries I came up with Gingi Grappin Mazzette d’Hauteville. I’ve added it to my list of amusing names to use one day for something. I have already borrowed from it for my current Majellan character.

Later in the day I went to chapel at the castle. They were doing evensong (before teatime). It was a relaxing service. I even enjoyed the sermon. The previous Sunday I had been the sermon from the same preacher was both chauvinist and poor theology. The reference the sermon left me was ‘Do you know where your towel is?’ I might work on it for an editorial I need to write for a parish newsletter. Yes, I plan to write something about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and religion. It makes sense to me.

The editor of the newsletter is one of the people I plan to borrow some mattresses and bedding from for two weekend’s time. I have ended up providing accomodation for a Samoan tribe coming down from Christchurch as one of their confrères is getting capped that weekend. And because they can’t bring bedding et al. with them, I have to provide it as well! These things are sent to jump out at me and surprise me! (And when I find out who is sending them….!)

Fortunately friends from church have promised to be helpful in providing the mattresses and bedding which I inconveniently don’t have in sufficient numbers. I never expected that when I moved into my own flat I would be using it to host a family in my study. Equally forturnately it is promised to be one night. I write that last line while suppressing a ‘yeah, right’ reflex. The same room hosted four bikers last November returning home from the Burt Munro Challenge to Wellington. Ah, happy memories of dinner at the Alehouse!

It’s not all bad as I expect to be visited by Southern Dave at the same time. So I shall take some leave when he arrives and enjoy his company. If the worst comes to the worst I know where I keep my good knives!