I turned on C4 last night because they were counting down the 80s Kiwi Anthems Top Forty. I was an hour late and I missed the first twenty or so. Still, the hair! the shoulders! the costumes! Forget anything that Split Enz wore! Where did Dave Dobbin get that jersey for Loyal? The same wardrobe that dressed David Bain for his trial. It was horrifying!

At least fashion styles required that shirts are worn tucked in, and trousers should be worn belted on the waist, not half-arsed as the fashion seems to be now.

I started noting them down at #23 after I had finished tea.

History Never Repeats by Split Enz was so popular that it came in at #22 and #4. In hindsight this may had been an insider’s joke. It was the same video repeated twice. I hope I never was at #9.

Apparently someone did not have the video for There is no depression in NZ at #19. They showed still photos only. A shame as I remember the video as being memorable, especially for dancing yeast extract jars.

Not given lightly by Chris Knox was #15. I was surprised it was so low as this is a internationally known song. Still it is a cheap video, and the teeth! the teeth!

Shona Laing appeared at #14 with Glad I’m not a Kennedy. The first mullet I noticed.

Crowded House was at #13 with Better be home soon and #3 with Don’t dream it’s over. Both are late as Kiwi Anthems and I would consider mark the end of the ’80s for video production quality. The early end might be something like Tears by the Crocodiles, complete with the late, sort-of-lamented Bruno Lawrence at #16.

In hindsight I suspect that Neil Finn was channelling the eleventh Doctor. Figure that one out!

Dance Exponents got two, I’ll say goodbye at #11 and Victoria at #2.

I don’t know why Pink Frost by The Chills came in at #7. Both lyrically and visually it failed to impress me. Otherwise Counting the beat by The Swingers at #6 and Poi E by the Patea Maori Club at #5 were deserved choices. Poi E is now back in the charts thanks to its revival in the film Boy.

Dave Dobbyn seems to regenerate like a timelord. Whaling was in the upper 20s. I didn’t note down the number. Outlook for Thursday by DD Smash came in at #10. You oughta be in love from the Footrot Flats movie came in at #17 and Slice of heaven by Dave Dobbyn and The Herbs from the same soundtrack came in at Number #1. I was resistant when it first started playing. It was parodied on its first release as ‘Reggae and a slice of Dobbyn’. By the time the video had finished my affection was restored. It was a good choice for the top hit of the 80s kiwi anthems.

I will have to check C4’s website to see if there will be another top 40 vote for next Saturday. I will want to record my vote. I hope it’s not just something that they are doing for NZ Music Month. If it turns out to be a top 40 magazine show (I know that they have one) I will avoid it.