The accent sounds right for Winston Churchill. So the British Prime Minister can call on the Doctor. This leads to two thoughts.

  • What sort of telephone did William Pitt use?
  • Margaret Thatcher had control of the telephone for twelve years?!
  • What are the ironsides doing in wartime London? What’s with Amy not remembering the earth being transported by the Daleks to the Medusa Cascade? (Does it have anything to do with the glowing cracks which appear to be pursuing them?)

    Bing! the Daleks have what they want. Oh, dear, better if the marines fall back and not attempt to attack the Daleks. And of course Edwin Bracewell is a Dalek construct, it is logically coherent. Oh, no, the Doctor’s voice has triggered off the salt shaker! And of course the Daleks’ actions was to summon the Doctor to them.

    The Doctor has one thing in his advantage. That’s not a destruction device, it’s a naughty little Shrewsbury biscuit!

    Yum! new improved Dalek, in five different flavours!

    Intersteller Spitfires! No wonder they won the war!

    Only way to stop the doomsday device is to release Bracewell’s compassion, and trust kissergram Amy to find a naughty twist to turn it off. The Doctor may be clever but it is Amy who knows how humanity work.

    The Daleks flee the earth to wrack havoc in the universe. They always come back, chalk and cheese! I would suspect a climactic final episode to the season.

    Edwin Bracewell’s slow on the uptake that the Doctor and Amy are letting him go. I hope he got out of there before Churchill has him dismantled by boffins. He should get a new skinjob made, something that shows off his gorgeously manly chassis!