Having made Southern Dave walk down to the Settlers’ Museum yesterday while he was still recovering from a bug, then sit through Kaitangata Twitch, Doctor Who, Monty Python: Almost The Truth (Lawyer’s Cut), and QI. I get a chance to post up my summary of last night’s Doctor Who before he does.

It’s a sonic pistol! Well actually it’s a blow-torch pistol. Apparently with an umlimited fuel supply.

A younger River Song. She winks and makes her exit. It’s established later that this is earlier than the library episodes as she has not yet made her professorship. In short she’s a rogue archaeologist. River and the Doctor, together again.

A spinning blue box chasing a starship. Finally! I think I’ve been waiting nearly most of the modern series to see the Tardis spinning in flight. It’s tradition!

Oh, no, another strong woman to tell the Doctor what to do. That’s just what this series needed! Not!

A crashed starship, and the adventurers, along with a team of khaki-clad clergy, have to go from the exterior to a point inside the ship. It’s the Poseidon Adventure all over again. The commanding officer is a bishop and I think I heard him address his second-in-command as verger. Yes, it’s the church army! And I am old enough to remember the Goodies’ parody of the Salvation Army as hilariously funny. I don’t think I want to disprove that. What I’ve seen of the Goodies is that the pacing of the shows have not withstood the test of time.

Nice moment with the weeping angel on the screen. I hoped it creeped the children out. Of course the angels, being quantum can manifest themselves off an image. It’s awake and knows that they are coming. The eye is a door into the soul, what has Amy got in her eye?

A mausoleum full of statues. Great place for a weeping angel to hide. I did wonder why the statues don’t look like the original alien inhabitants of the planet, now we know, and what happened to them. They’re hungry!

What happened to Angelo and Christian. Ooops! Poor Bob!