I sat down to watch the first episode of Stargate Universe last night. So I thought if my commentary can work for Doctor Who then I would have a go at making notes as I went along again.

That’s a bad entry. Oh very bad! Oops! and that’s the commander flung through the stargate with a trail of smoke behind him. Now he’s unconscious.

When General O’Neill threatens to beam you up to their mothership if you don’t comply, it may prove to be literally true! Come on! You can see the Earth from the viewing deck! You should have cellphone coverage from up there! Just bounce it off the closest satelite!

Change of scene to some snogging in the closet. He’s on duty so he kept his socks on.

I have it on good authority (from a professor of zoology no less!) that the goal of every scientist is to prove someone else wrong. So Rush needs Eli around to be his fall guy. Especially since Eli the computer nerd can solve problems that Rush has failed on (it happens several times in this episode alone). Nice scene as Rush attempts to think out the equation on a whiteboard while Eli complains that they are surrounded by computers to work on.

The senator embarrasses his daughter. Watch her chug that wine!

Maths Boy (Eli) may be onto something. The sender’s address on the Stargate is wrong. In the name of science Dr Rush overrides common sense. And it’s a one-way trip! Oops! That’s a huge way from home. We get to see the evacuation from a dying world from the other side. They queue up more calmly from this side. I wouldn’t. What’s the commander, Young, looking for before his departure. There’s a lot of characters with their own agendas in this show.

So where did they go?

Dr Rush claims to be in charge. That’s not reassuring. Robert Carlyle is playing the character with a callousness that I find refreshingly different in this kind of drama.

I don’t think it is a wise idea to follow the floating ball. It could easily prove to be a Toclafane.

The commanding officer is injured. Uh-oh, it looks like someone’s got to take a walk for the rest of the team to survive. My god, they’re a self-sacrificing lot! I love a good death scene, this one was pretty average. The angst afterwards was better. The best-laid punch of the episode goes to Chloe the Senator’s daughter. Now Rush is saying it’s Not His Fault! Yeah, Right! I would be inclined to hit the bloody hypocrite again! This is a fine mess he’s got us into!

‘Man died so I can live. Tell me about him.’

There’s a balance of power emerging between Rush and Young. Next week’s trailer has them on Desertworld. Maybe if the Primaeval team turn up hunting giant scorpions they can get home quicker!