Quote of the evening: “I don’t send notes, I send lawyers,” Sebastian Cardwell Kaitangata Twitch.

Second was the widow of George Harrison on Monty Python: Almost the Truth (Lawyer’s Cut) describing her late husband’s funding of The Life of Brian as a “Leap of Faith”.

Two quotes (more like thoughts) from QI: How does the food know what part of the tongue to taste on? (Turns out it doesn’t need to as our taste glands are spread all over the tongue) and Disabled Access is a Dalek Conspiracy.

As for Doctor Who:

“God be with us.” Not surprised to hear Father Octavian saying that, he’s losing men.

“10…9…” Amy’s counting down. What to, and why does it take so long for anyone to notice?

It’s the end of the universe! But which end? Top end? South end? (This is an old joke dating back to SF club I was involved with at high school.) I would guess the light is from the crack that is following the Doctor. Bye bye, Marco.

“I think you know me at my best”

“Walk like you can see”

Finally we get to see the angels move. Someone has put the fourth wall back up as all other times the angels freeze while the camera is watching them. Which also suggests that they could have got out our t.v.s and into our heads.

Calculating angels, and then it’s the fall of the angels, quite literally, and close the crack, for now.

Is the angel gone from Amy’s head? We only have the Doctor’s word for it, and what about the crack? The original hole is still out there. This arc is not done with yet.

Tao’s got as far as my lap. This is all I’m going to write for now. U Choose 40 on Saturday night will wait for a later entry. Till then!