I’m having a I’m-here-and-I’m-not-being-sat-upon-by-a-cat moment I should write up about the U choose 40 countdown from last Saturday. There should be a word for being sat upon by a cat moments.

This week’s theme was ‘Whatever Happened To?’. It was better than the week before which was Compilations and simply ghastly. There are a lot of artists being churned out by the music industry who seem to me to be trying to make a name for themselves before they retired to become studio musicians. Every second song seems to be ‘X ft Y’ as if they can’t produce decent music by themselves. After two and a half hours they played Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen as #1 (deserved choice). My choice of Don’t Give Up by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush did not appear. I have now seen the unabridged version of Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce and don’t need to see it again. I admit I would like to see the truck chase edited into Stylo by Gorillaz but that’s just how my mind works.

Anyway some thoughts on the Whatever Happened To? Countdown.

  • Bros at #40 with When will I be famous? This has to count as ironic in my book. If it hasn’t happened by now darlings, don’t give up your day jobs!
  • T.A.T.U. at #39. Did they go back to Russia, or Lesbia?
  • Maroon 8 at #38. They are already passé? Damn, I can keep up with the memos! Mind you this list was made up twelve months ago.
  • Hootie and the Blowfish at #37. Does not deserve to be included among such hasbeens.
  • Sheryl Crow at #35. Is still performing and producing new material. Nice to see one of her old songs though
  • Panic at the Disco at #34. Interesting and dark video. I think they’re still active too
  • Natalie Imbruglia at #31 with Torn. I liked that video
  • Coolio at #30 with C U when you get there. Nice anthem, shame about the song.
  • M C Hammer at #29 with U can’t touch this. Hammer time!
  • Bomfunks M C at #28 with Freestylin’. I remember this one too
  • Tiffany at #27 with I think I’m alone now. Yes, you are, we have Justin Bieber now. This is progress!
  • Colour Me Badd at #22, a boy band so bad it’s like rubber-necking
  • Venga Boys at #21, I read recently that someone had pulled the stake out and there was possibility of a revival of group. Rumour has it that Buffy and Edward have made a temporary truce while they fight off this greater threat
  • Shaggy at #20, the only one of a lot of skanky musicians who I’m not going to mention on this summary
  • In the Shadows by the Rasmus at #19. I’m sure that the Changed Man has this song in his collection. It’s a ‘through the looking glass’ video
  • Extreme at #18. I think I remember this artist
  • Semisonic at #17 with closing time. Now that’s an amusing video
  • Sugar Ray at #15. Cute guy but apparently no stayability
  • The Darkness at #14. We just changed genres. This is another band that doesn’t belong on this list
  • Fort Minor at #13 with Where’d you go, an elegaic rapsong. I expected some to say Doctor! in the chorus. I can’t recall the details now so I can’t remember why I noted that down
  • Def Lepard at #10 with Pour some sugar on me. Another band I would question for being on this list. Older women trying to demolish the band in the video. Yay, go for it, ladies! You won’t win, but boy, it’s fun to watch.
  • Limp Bizkit at #4 with nookie. Yet another band I can’t understand for being on this list. The guitarist had interesting eyes. I think he was wearing black lenses. I will resist commenting on the lead singer being abducted by police at the end
  • And at #1, Blink 182 with What’s my age again. Really!? A band only memorable for their nudity!
  • Afterwards I stayed to watch the late night videos, which was on the theme, ‘on the television’, nice selection I’m no superman from Scrubs, Save me from Smallville, the Who, the Rembrants from Friends, and ending with Dido with the Roswell title song.

    I think I will be missing next week’s show because I’m going to a friend’s civil union. We will see if I pass comment then.