It happened during Kaitangata Twitch when I was out of the room.

But onto this week’s Doctor:The Doctor bursts out of the stripper cake, a surprise for Rory. “Did I say something wrong?” Rory can read psychic paper, and what he reads says that he is the fifth wheel in the operation that is the Doctor and Co.

Tao was not very helpful for standing in front of my face during a jump moment.

Does Amy really want Rory?

The Venetian (who looks remarkabley like Jay Lagaia) steals gunpowder from his workplace. I with Rory on that one. This stuff dangerous.

And by the way Rory the word is ‘gondolier’ not ‘gondola driver’. I can imagine gondoliers are going to grimacing over that one all tourist season this year from cloddish British tourists (‘Oy, gondola driver, over here!’)

He’s from Gallifrey–doesn’t that scare you, Signora Calmieri? A lot of aliens seem to know what Gallifreyans are. This is surprising as in their time the Time Lords took little public interference in the greater universe. Maybe it’s because the broadcasts are getting out from Earth.

The evil crayfishes are going to sink Venice. The Venetian responds predictably. Kaboom! Told you that stuff’s dangerous!

Oops! Rory has insulted your mama. That’s alright because Amy has a bright light. It burns us! It burns! Rory’s gonna smell of fish for a while.

There is a spire like that on top of the Winter Gardens. It was stolen and returned recently as someone got up the scaffolding. I wonder if it contains sufficiently advanced technology that looks like an orrery inside it too.

“Maybe I can give you away.” Please!

Listen to the Silence. This week’s reference to the cracks in the universe

As Eric Idle observed on the last episode of Monty Python: Almost the Truth (Lawyer’s Cut) tonight, the facts of the universe hasn’t changed, but our understanding of them has. The last words should go to that enjoyable documentary series: Now Piss Off.