I caught my second episode of SGU. I missed the second episode, even the repeat playing.

They have supplies but they are low on certain things, like shower water. Everyone is starting to get wiffy. Doctor Rush is roundly loathed by everyone. Becker the cook needs to work on his recipes with the supplies he has. Eli the Maths Boy is moving up the chain of command. He’s not just a dropout, he’s an MIT dropout (Wanna gold star for that? Ooooh sarcasm!)

The next line of the psalm would have been more appropriate for the situation that they find themselves in “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, for your rod and your staff they comfort me” (of course there is an apocryphal version where that last clause is translated “’cause I’m the most evil son of a bitch there is in this place!”)

Rush can’t communicate and he doesn’t apologize. No wonder he is so unpopular. Turns out he lives on coffee (none left). The smokers aren’t happy either.

One review of the past season on tor.com dismissed SGU as static. I’m finding I like the pace of this episode, except the annoying cheat that they can temporarily jaunt themselves back to earth by bodysnatching, I have no interest in that subplot. There is no big bad as in previous Stargate titles. This was a irritating flaw of the previous series: it was always good patriot American military against monstrous alien warlords, religious terrorists, and goth vampires. Instead they are trapped in deep inter-stellar space that doesn’t care if they live or die. So refreshing!

Now they are slingshotting themselves though the atmosphere of a gas giant. The lucky buggers! Wish I was with them! Waitamoment! Cliffhanger ending–you bastards!