I commented on Facebook that I had a couple of weekends coming up that were approaching normality. Southern Dave challenged me to describe this normality that I speak of.

A normal Saturday is one where I get up between eight and nine in the morning, have a shower and breakfast, observe devotions, and then go to the supermarket to do my weekly shopping trip. After that I have a couple of hours before lunch to do household tasks or get on the computer and browse, and read the TV Guide to see if there is anything that I want to watch on tv for the next week. I hope to hear from friends in the afternoon that there will be a role-playing session on which will take up my time until evening. (It didn’t happen today) After I return home I make tea and then look for another divertissement until bedtime. Something will turn up.

Yes, my life is rather mundane. I plan to keep it that way for a while to come.

Four Saturdays ago I went with a group from Friend-Link to the Orakanui Bird Sanctuary. We didn’t see much because the weather closed in, extremely heavy mist. It was worth it for a first visit.

The Saturday after that I had a home invasion as three adults and two children visited me from Invercargill and Christchurch. Southern Dave was here for the Regent Theatre 24 Hour Book Sale; and a family visited me from Christchurch because one of their clan was involved in the University Capping that day.

Then the opera Amida played at the Rialto the next Saturday so I had to be away early if I wanted to see it. It was part of the New York Metropolitan Opera in High Definition Season for 2009-2010. Tor.com did a review of it on their blog. It was fun.

Then I went friends’ Civil Union on the last Saturday, an event to took out the entire day.

That’s what happens to me when events gang up on me. Next Saturday I have a 50th birthday party to go to for the intellectually handicapped client I sit with in church.