Local Conlang Writing Month begins in July. Apparently last year it was in October just before National Novel Writing Month in November. The challenge is to produce a piece of creative writing in an imaginary language of your own creation. I was thinking of using the eclectic language that I have been designing for the last couple of years. This is not ready for use. It lacks documentation of the grammar and a whole lot of background. I have been allowing Brithenig to lie fallow in the interregnum. It has good documentation, now mirrored at http://www.steen.fr.net while Griffler Enterprises is down, and with over 2 000 words has a good lexicon to play with.

I realised that two plot seeds that I was toying with could come together to create a fun exercise.

  • Ill Peleirin in the Brithenig language alternative universe, ill Bethisad, is the equivalent of Doctor Who, the time-travelling stranger who interferes in time and space, and other people’s lives. The name means the Stranger, or the Pilgrim.
  • An alternative history seed where instead of dying to a cancerous tumour in her stomach Queen Mary gives birth to a monstrous child, who is going to grow up to hold power in the kingdom and do bad things

I can see how these two threads can plot together and I can picture the opening scenes in my head. It’s ambitious and I may not finish it, but it will be fun to aspire to. It’s also mid-winter for me and a time of year when I don’t want to be sitting still for long trying to keep my study warm, especially with an elderly cat demanding attention. (Way to go in the choice of months, guys!) And I have to think in Brithenig again, which should be interesting.

A week and a half to go before I type pixel to screen.