New Zealand played solidly I understand. Our team, the All Whites, played a defensive game and was not cracked by better teams. We retired with our honour intact. Indeed between that and the enthusiasm for the Wellington Phoenixes, soccer is beginning to look shiney again in this country. I like this, this is good. I understand soccer better than any intermidable variation of rugby which our country adores. In my younger years I walked the sidelines many a Saturday supporting a church club side, which is still playing in Invercargill. Go Knox!

Indeed I understand that when Australia got knocked out before we did the Australians were trumpeting New Zealand’s ranking as a triumph for Australasia. That kind of trans-Tasman solidarity doesn’t happen very often.

In our division Paraguay and Slovakia went through.

I’m watching the bloggosphere as other fans report on the play. The United States have been knocked out now. Germany has trumped England. Mexico has gone down to Argentina. I don’t know if I should tell my Mexican friend that I was secretly supporting the Argentines. That side has made some unreported statements in support of the Mothers of the Plaza. In my opinion that’s speaking truth to power. Apparently there is still a lost generation of stolen children who have not come light in that country. Who says sports and politics don’t mix!