Last weekend

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Instead of Majellan I went to Friend-Link’s midwinter concert at Caversham Baptist for their clients. Very pleasant day. The artists this year were a group called Quintessence. There were only four of them, the fifth member had been called away. Not quite the music for an audience of intellectually handicapped people. Most of their material was original songs, and unfamiliar to the audience which did not allow them to get up on their feet and dance. At the end they did a couple of more popular songs, ending with Mama Mia. I came home with Graeme and Rex from Grandview House.

Sunday I went into town to change my library books; and later in the day I went to chapel at the Castle and was not greatly depressed (paraphrase of quote from Swift). I feel the place involves a lot of pomp and privilege. At the same time there is a good meditative feel to the worship in the chapel, in the choir and the liturgy. I just have to relax and allow it to wash over me.

Also reading John Scalzi. I started with Android’s Dream. It was about finding a lost sheep. Anyone who gets the reference in the title will not be too surprised to know it also is about intergalactic empires. It amused me and made me laugh aloud. The first chapter was about farting! It pleased me for being military-orientated science fiction that didn’t have me grinding my teeth. Some things are universal: politicians are either competent or venal — honestly this book is a diatribe about why people should not be appointed to office! They rise to the level of their incompetence and stay there! At least until a scandal forces them out of office. There is also a great chapter about a hack-attack on an sentient AI, very imaginative revenge on the hackers. It irritated me later in the book when the same AI started acting stupidly, the only speedbump in the book. Now I’m going backwards to read Old Man’s War.

The Z00

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Before I forget I watched the movie The 300 at the weekend. That’s one I can tick off my list. Very tedious movie. The gist of it seemed to be about a bunch of Republican Party Survivalists dressed in Baldrick’s posing pouch (presumably this gave them somewhere to keep their tea bags!) defending themselves against the gay god Xerxes, a Stargate wannabe. Humourlessly violent, sexless, and took itself far too seriously. My favourite characters would have to be Xerxes’ Immortals, his personal guard, looked like Ninjas, breathed like Vader; or possibly his executioner who had arms like a mantis. Presumably he had staff to feed and toilet him!

Gerard Butler was wandering about with his hard face on, reminding me of a character in an Australian skit show. She would come on as a news interviewer and announce herself as “I’m Gina Hardfaced-Bitch, so shut up! Looked like Anita McNaught who was doing the same sort of thing on New Zealand Television at the same time. Exactly! I hope the actors got paid well for this.

The whole needs to be re-dubbed by Monty Python or Mystery Theatre to redeem it. I will put Meet the Spartans on my mental list of things to watch and see if it takes satisfactory revenge on this movie.

The title of this entry is deliberate. I have been reading the movie’s splatter-font title like this ever since it came out.

Weekend hobbit-spotting

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Another weekend, another diversion.

The changed man rang me on Saturday. That’s the first time I’ve answered a phone call from him since I moved here. While I am responsible for giving him the wrong number I think it’s more a case of the situation amuses the phone network. Not evil, just bored. I decided to stay away from a visit as I was going out in the evening. Travelled across town to a potluck supper on Pacific Street with the Ascent people. The food didn’t stop and it didn’t help that I experimented with using my crockpot to make a roast, put meat, turn regularly. Very successful, very delicious. Next month we have an evening service at St. Martins.

So full I didn’t eat again until one o’clock the next afternoon. I thought about going to the Art Gallery to hear a floor talk, instead I decided to wait and go to the first chapel service at the Castle for the semester, readings from the church year. Neat but not gawdy in my opinion.

I haven’t posted the editorial that I did for my parish newsletter. I have had a couple of positive comments from parishioners so far. I will put it in a cut since there’s a bit of Jesus talk at the end.

Here it is

My flat


Last week I discovered that my flat is going to be sold. Currently it is owned by the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, which was formerly the theology and ministry training for the Presbyterian Church. It is going to be sold to the hall of residence that I refer to as the Castle. Even though it is only midyear now they have already been over to have a look. I don’t know if they will ask me to move out, they want to renovate it and it is common knowledge that they don’t have funding for it. Nevertheless knowing the ethos of the place I am determined to move on as soon as I can. This is disappointing as I have only been here for twelve months and I have loved living here. Dammit! It’s too soon to move!

Ill Peleirin part I

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My first part of LoCoWriMo (Local Stellar Cluster Conlang Writing Month). 293 words, not bad over the time I’ve spent writing it. If you need a translation then pop over to Jan’s mirror site and work it out for yourself. I should keep writing.

Lla rhyniwn ingontraf i segruid. O’r tud di llo k’eran llifr a sumodar.

Sun-nu thud ci? rhoaf ill prefder. Si, wenef ill rhespons. Llà gloddeth lla borth.

Atheneth, digeth yn ffuin, mew Tomos es rhen di gi. Ys llo llugrafan, rhesponef alchyn. Sa denef sew aluin e cûndiaf a phlanger.

Sileint, digef ill prefder. Nu h-affligan benc muin i nyfer perch nu sun llo h-yllyd. Llo h-alltr thud sun llo serw di’ll contr-Crist and sew princeb. Si, nu mhligan rhen a’ll of ffals. Nu h-afen lla barol wer e nu h-afran ll’addurediwn i lla der ci.

Ci ys eillaf sew llifr. Nu h-afen yst, lla barol wer. Ill contr-Crist e llo sew serw mhoden rhen di nu. Calfath a thifer!

Llà sa er yn son gran subr lla borth. Ys h-afefan afflad nu! cridef alchyn. Yno cûndiaf a ffyr.

Atheneth, cridef ill prefder, teneth gwstr llar. Llo sew h-ôn currifan inawant. Ys h-afefant di llo h-spad e-dd anc yn nyfer di llo h-afefant di llo ffusil. Nu h-afen llo nyfer, digef ill prefder, nu llo phoden tener.

Lla borth ysplosef aberth. Ill prif amblaf intr. Ys er gwested i llo west rhys e sew ffeig er celad. Sa’s yn faethur di’ll princeb, cridef yn of, ys ynigaf sew yspad e chyrsaf. Ill adof proesif lla rhyniwn inheir er i ngwol. Ynisaf ill prefder ystaf. Maneth, cridef ys, ys sun di llo h-ôn fil nu. Ys gwollaf aeredr, ffeig a’ll of rhys. Aeredr! cridef ys, eo’w neg! gw h-es yn serw di’ll diawl!

Ys eillaf sew llifr, mai sa er a rhen wenhyr fon. Ill of rhys affreibaf, e sa er di llo h-alltr fil lle.

Affor llo h-ôn ffyn uddifen lla gridediwn di’ll prefder. Sa ddunaf lla ascell a sew dewphedd di llo.