Before I forget I watched the movie The 300 at the weekend. That’s one I can tick off my list. Very tedious movie. The gist of it seemed to be about a bunch of Republican Party Survivalists dressed in Baldrick’s posing pouch (presumably this gave them somewhere to keep their tea bags!) defending themselves against the gay god Xerxes, a Stargate wannabe. Humourlessly violent, sexless, and took itself far too seriously. My favourite characters would have to be Xerxes’ Immortals, his personal guard, looked like Ninjas, breathed like Vader; or possibly his executioner who had arms like a mantis. Presumably he had staff to feed and toilet him!

Gerard Butler was wandering about with his hard face on, reminding me of a character in an Australian skit show. She would come on as a news interviewer and announce herself as “I’m Gina Hardfaced-Bitch, so shut up! Looked like Anita McNaught who was doing the same sort of thing on New Zealand Television at the same time. Exactly! I hope the actors got paid well for this.

The whole needs to be re-dubbed by Monty Python or Mystery Theatre to redeem it. I will put Meet the Spartans on my mental list of things to watch and see if it takes satisfactory revenge on this movie.

The title of this entry is deliberate. I have been reading the movie’s splatter-font title like this ever since it came out.