Instead of Majellan I went to Friend-Link’s midwinter concert at Caversham Baptist for their clients. Very pleasant day. The artists this year were a group called Quintessence. There were only four of them, the fifth member had been called away. Not quite the music for an audience of intellectually handicapped people. Most of their material was original songs, and unfamiliar to the audience which did not allow them to get up on their feet and dance. At the end they did a couple of more popular songs, ending with Mama Mia. I came home with Graeme and Rex from Grandview House.

Sunday I went into town to change my library books; and later in the day I went to chapel at the Castle and was not greatly depressed (paraphrase of quote from Swift). I feel the place involves a lot of pomp and privilege. At the same time there is a good meditative feel to the worship in the chapel, in the choir and the liturgy. I just have to relax and allow it to wash over me.

Also reading John Scalzi. I started with Android’s Dream. It was about finding a lost sheep. Anyone who gets the reference in the title will not be too surprised to know it also is about intergalactic empires. It amused me and made me laugh aloud. The first chapter was about farting! It pleased me for being military-orientated science fiction that didn’t have me grinding my teeth. Some things are universal: politicians are either competent or venal — honestly this book is a diatribe about why people should not be appointed to office! They rise to the level of their incompetence and stay there! At least until a scandal forces them out of office. There is also a great chapter about a hack-attack on an sentient AI, very imaginative revenge on the hackers. It irritated me later in the book when the same AI started acting stupidly, the only speedbump in the book. Now I’m going backwards to read Old Man’s War.