I took Tao to the vets on Monday. She hadn’t touched her food for a couple of days, and was becoming lethargic. I decided this was sufficient to get her checked. The vet, a big man with a lovely Scots accent, was concerned that she was dehydrated. Tao disdains drinking water that I put down for her and relies on the moisture from her petfood and a venture to my bucket to keep thirst at bay. He kept her in overnight on a dripfeed and took a blood sample to check how her kidneys were.

It’s surprising how much I missed not having her company. Her pitter-patter around the house, the super-gravity of her paws on my chest as I lie in bed, her snuggly presence taking over the bed from underneath my left arm in the morning before we get up.

Well she came home today. They found nothing wrong with her, and she perked up during a day on the dripfeed. Personally I’m not certain. She still doesn’t have an appetite back. I think that this is a respite and not the end of this crisis.