Is it time to update? Probably. Guests have got quiet again on Livejournal. There’s a service for keeping track of visitors to your journal. The only one that is free is My Guests. I have a low turnover, the occasional invisible guest–I can only speculate who–and I notice that the Necromancer of Nelson is out there lurking about.

Tao is good. She has lost a lot of weight before she decided to start eating again. She came into my room one morning before dawn and announced she had an appetite back. I was delighted to get up and find her something to eat. She’s a bag of bones now. I would like it if she put some flesh back on her. The cold part of the season is upon us now. It comes and goes. Most of the time she avoids going outside. She ducks out to the garden if she needs to toilet; she uses the cat box more if she needs to pass water.

I saw the changed man about a week ago. He had family visiting the last I saw. He invited me to visit. I haven’t been to visit yet, or heard from him since. I was quite delighted at the time as I had been into Marbecks and found a three disc set of Carl Jenkins: Adiemus, Requiem and the Armed Man; and the latest Scissor Sister album. This kind of stuff is not to be passed by! It won’t be there again. I was interested in listening to the Scissor Sister album as this was supposed to be a more darker and gay-orientated sound than their earlier albums. This turned out to be short-hand for disco in my opinion. I am pretty sure that on two different tracks Devo and the Pet Shop Boys dropped in for a jam.

What I still need to get is the latest Tom Russell album, Blood and Candle-Smoke. May have to get Marbecks to order it in, or wait until I visit a city with a decent music-barn.

I went out with friends to hear Dragon doing what I think was retirement tour around New Zealand, an enjoyable performance. I warned the people that I was with that I am probably likely to dance. I decided at the end of the evening that if I didn’t get up it would be a wasted evening. Fortunately they ended with Are You Old Enough and an encore of April Sun in Cuba, so I wasn’t disappointed. A couple I came with even got up and joined me so that was nice.

Taking the next week off as I have accumulated too much leave, about 40 days and counting. I have no intentions to go travelling so I will be at home.