I did not sleep very well last night. I think the agitation of my flatting situation made me restless. It mean that I was still awake when something began to rattle and then the whole room began to roll. It was over in less than a minute. I did not feel alarmed to seek the safety of a door frame. I looked at the clock, 4.38. Checking the internet today I see the epicentre was located close to Christchurch in Canterbury. There was some damage, and also in Wellington. I have sent a text to my brother in Wellington and he replied so he is unharmed.

I spoke to the college building manager this morning and he did not think that renovations will start on my flat before mid-November. This gives me plenty of time to find an alternative. The options in today’s newspaper did not impress me. Nothing in my range that appealed to me. I think I will have to get out and make inquiries and ask people. The master of the college plans to make my flat into staff accommodation for a new position, the dean of studies. Yes, my flat is going to become a deanery!