I should know better than to move after just 14 months. Unfortunately that is what I’m doing. My flat is becoming the proerty of Knox College at the end of the year and they want it for a staff residence. So I am moving which means sorting out my flat and wrestling with the anxiety and sleeplessness that goes with it.

Fortunately I have signed up for a room at Manono House on London Street. It’s about the size of a large lounge and has its own bathroom, close to town, half an hour away from work, and a little further to church. There are downsides, like living with people again, and having no proper kitchen. I hope I can manage for a year or so and then see if there is anything else out there.

The lease begins this weekend and people from the college will help me move. I’m not above having more volunteers to help me move if anyone turns up at my flat on Saturday.