I ran into a friend at the supermarket a couple of weeks ago. A private person whom I won’t name. Anyway I got invited out to a dance evening because of it. At the end of the evening I was invited to join with the drumming troop that accompanied them. It was proof that I have terrible rhythm. I already knew that. I was sent a link to a video with the drummers but haven’t been able to watch it.

Since then I’ve been to the Shiel Hill inn to support another friend, Girl Thursday, who was raising funds for her choir. I spent half a pound on raffle tickets and one of them won me a new wallet and a big glass dish for serving Christmas treats on. The wallet was a good replacement for my old one which has been sent to join its ancestors in the waste paper basket. I got some answers that our group wouldn’t have got from things that I knew or that I had heard. Others I didn’t know. We got a respectable pass mark. We weren’t up with the big hitters.

It looks like at this stage I will be in Invercargill for Christmas, subject to confirmation about what’s happening for catering. Apparently mum thinks we are all invited to join with Boston T’s new girl friend. This hasn’t been confirmed! Note to Southern Dave: both Nick and myself are coming down, and looking for somewhere to stay on Christmas day.

Looks like I might be house sitting while another friend is overseas at the end of January. With cats who lick my eyeballs!

I’m beginning to think that TC and Bill the telephone from the Telstra-Clear ads are turning into the replacements for Spot the dog for the new millenium.