Mum and one of her old biddies arrived last night. Fortunately she had booked into Tahuna motor camp. I had set up the arrangements for her. This morning we went and watched Das Rheingeld, the latest Met Opera on HD. Costumes were wonderful. They deserve a graphic novel with Bryn Terfyl dressed as Wotan. The set was amazing, they are going to use it for all four operas in the Ring Cycle over two years. I was expecting it to be more Cirque du Solleil, it was certainly son et lumiere. The libretta was a bit soporific, I dozed off in during Alberich’s curse of the gold. The music had moments of pure concentrated Wagner.

Reminds me yet again that I would love to piece together a story about how Alberich and Medb became Oberon and Titania; a German dwarf and an Irish warrior goddess become the king and queen of Faery-land. When I think about it that must be a seriously twisted place!

Afterwards I decided that at the supermarket I should buy an ice cream cake. I should do something to celebrate forty five years of being me.

I’ve got a load of washing out on the balcony. It’s a fine day although it’s probably too late to get it properly dry. Not bad for a Saturday afternoon. Now what’s on TV….?