As I have been out and about again I should report in.

Last Sunday was the Santa Parade. I had warned people that I was going to it so the usual suspect didn’t contact me. Lots of kids there. The occasion felt a bit disjointed to me as the floats made the way into the Octagon at their own speed. In the end Santa did not make into the Octagon as the truck towing the band in front of him broke down a block away.

It amused me when Santa passed by and called out ‘Have you been good?’ He’s checking his list. Twice. The old man knows where you live. Beware of coal!

One of the Christian floats went by with the slogan ‘Wise Men follow Jesus’. I thought it was inaccurate. Wise men sought him out, and according to the narrative the consequences of that action was the death of a crop of children. No Nativity floats this year: all Santa and no Jesus.

The mad season in which New Zealand celebrates the end of the year and the shut down of a nation over summer break is upon us. I understand we do this more stressfully than other nations because they stagger it out more. I pack a plate and take it in my stride. This afternoon I went to a barbeque on Caversham Heights (the bit that overlooks the lights at the turn-off into Caversham from the Highway). Last week there was two events: a concert and a dessert evening. There is another event next week. Life goes on, or perhaps I’m confusing that with the passing of time.