January: took my Christmas decorations down on Twelfth Night. It rained.

February: started writing dialogues for a new imaginary language project. Hippies moved into the flat behind me.

March: The last of my aunts died in Invercargill while I was at an interfaith conference in Christchurch and I didn’t get back home in time to travel down to the funeral. I’m still pissed off about that.

April: ummmm…

May: new Doctor Who. A Samoan tribe visited me for Capping co-inciding with the High Holy Day of the Zen Bukkhists, the 24 Hour Book Sale. SG:U started, a slow mover.

June: was mostly television. A lot of exceptional weekends happened.

July: I wrote half a story in Brithenig. The soccer world cup happened and a lot of New Zealanders got excited about how well the All Whites played and had to have a liedown.

August: Tao went to the vets twice and died. Dragon visited New Zealand on a farewell tour.

September: Local body elections. The Christchurch Earthquake.

October: I left my lovely flat and moved into Manono House. I regret leaving that flat but the Castle had other plans for it. Presbyterian General Assembly: conservative and unpleasant. Infection in my leg.

November: end of year events began, and ice-cream cake. Burns Seminar.

December: more end of year stuff. Christmas with family.