Per Crucem has blogged that Dunedin City Library as a cost-cutting initiative is going to reduce opening hours. I find it annoying that for the most part they are going to reduce opening hours to the working day. A stupid idea for people like me who don’t work in the central city and can only find time to use the library after hours. Per Crucem‘s protest is to encourage people to take out the maximum number of books and encourage the use of our library.

It’s a tempting proposition. However my reading time is greatly reduced at the moment and I read through my library books in about five to six weeks, meaning I have to renew them at least once, which I can do online when they come overdue. I went in on Friday to get some new books out. I note that these new times could mark the end of an inter-generational tradition: the visit to the library to change one’s books.

So my bed-time reading for the next month or so is three books from the library:

  • Felaheen by Jon Courtenay Grimwood, the third volume in his curious Arabesk trilogy
  • Muslim Spain and Portugal: A Political History of al-Andalus by Hugh Kennedy
  • Britain After Rome: The Fall and Rise 400-1070 by Robin Fleming
  • Two history books to broaden my imagination. That should be fun. It’s proving so as both are start off well written.

    Off house-sitting next week as a friend and his partner are overseas for four weeks and I get to look after their three cats. Three whole weeks of Fuzz Therapy! I need to start looking out things that I want to have on hand to take with me. At least I can walk back to Manono house to pick things up that I’ve forgotten, water plants, and go to the gym in town.