I think it is official now that I’m avoiding the Majellan Urban Tribe at the moment. I caused a scene at the last session I was at, which was over a month ago. Too hot, too tired, too frustrated. I wanted out in air where I could breathe. In the weeks that have followed I have found it easier to find other things to do, finding other peoples, reclaiming the time. The changed man is looking for me, perhaps in time I will answer him . . . but not now.

Today I went to the library. It took me nearly two months to finish the books I got out last time. Robin Fleming’s history of Britain after the fall of the Roman Empire to the Norman Conquest was my favorite, and the last that I finished. She combined archeaelogical research with historical records with some interesting observations. It was fascinating to read how production centres in Britain collapsed as Roman civilisation retreated. There was a period of 200 years when nails weren’t made in the West European Isles. As we enter a post-petroleum age what industries are going to collapse? What will be out of our grasp?

In comparison the history of Al-Andalus was disappointing because it was a document based history and acknowledged that there are gaps in the record.

I have got overly ambitious now and found five books to get out:

  • Old Malacca
  • Faith and Power: Religion and Politics in the Middle East by Bernard Lewis
  • A Web of Air by Philip Reeve
  • Stamping Butterflies by Jon Courteney Grimwood
  • Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist
  • I’m reading a history of Christianity in Malaysia so I want to read more about the country’s history. It turns out that it’s a small collection in my local library, no general histories and mostly to do with the Emergency. The book by Bernard Lewis looked interesting. Philip Reeve is a young adult writer whose works I greatly admire. Grimwood’s book is the next of his that I could find in the library and I will puzzle my way through it after his Arabesk trilogy: Pashazade, Effendi and Felaheen; and Lindqvist jumped out at me and I felt I should read it to find out what not one but vampire movies (Swedish and American) are on about.

    At the harbour mouth the Lookout Head Light House; down the harbour, on the south shore the fortified island; then the port town Roundhouse Bay; beyond it Sea Bird Egg Island where the quarantined land; the harbour narrows under the Harbour Bridge joining the city of Lamborough to the dachas on the south shore of the wide bay beyond; after the bridge the ferries dock at the Dogs Ferry Station which opens into the city. The train goes under the Hythe Hills to join the city to the port.