Begins with some nice steampunk animation.

Brief appearance by an ash-blonde werewolf. Yes, her!

Drumknott is very cheerful and jolly in the face of a black-humoured situation. Whereas the saturnine Lord Vetinari is worth the price of entrance. Nicely underplayed, sir!

Ankh Morepork looks a suitably grungy city. According to the credits it’s Budapest. Mostly it seems to be a ruined castle. Some nice use of sets.

Hmmmm, Adora Belle Dearheart is no Susan Sto Lat, still she does a pretty good implacable look, and she is helped by that lovely flowing black velvet dress!

The narration by Moist von Lipwig is not necessary. A lot of what is happening and the consequences he has made of his life as a con-man stands up on its own. The incidental music sets up an enjoyable tempo on its own.

Oh, look! Release the chickens! (Having been on a set once I appreciate when that happens. It’s one of those cryptic jokes.)

Good grief, that is Tamsin Greig playing Miss Cripslock!

Shame that they didn’t get Joss Ackland back again to play Ridcully. He had the right kind of bigness needed for that part.