Recap: John Dearheart was killed. Moist von Lipwig became a con-man until the city watch caught up with him. Lord Vetinari made him post-master, in a cursed post office. Cursed because the previous post-masters have been dying in violent deaths. Lipwig battles the banshee in a burning post office.

Don’t upset an undelivered letter. Deliver Us! I’ve been waiting for those words!

Moist and Adora dance the masochism tango in the light of the burning building, and Moist bounces back more flamboyant. Reacher Gilt plays the marketing card.

The problem with people who put money away for a rainy day is that they never know when it is raining. Ah, too true.

Gilt wants to be the only service, pity for him he’s not a good service.

Holy charlatanry! Lord Vetinari has no sense of humour: it’s official.

First appearance of the gold suit; the wonderful technology of the clacks machines.

Gilt violates good record-keeping (has he no shame!) then resorts to murder.

School yourself, Moist, don’t lose it in front of Adora, keep yourself together.

Then the programmers turn up (pigeon fanciers as they are called here). Horsefry’s cash books turn up again — well done Mr Pony! Some people will get away with murder, but not if it is invoiced.

The actor playing Drumknott has a wonderful face for his role.

Back to the broken tower. A place for everything and everything in its place — Say that one more time and I’ll find a new place for that hammer!

That hat suits Adora.