Or maybe that should be reflux….

Ten episodes. It started off in good humour, by the end of the season I thought the plot was mumbling a bit. It kept going. I have been thinking of doing a summary where everyone ended up.

  • Olaf found Ingrid who is Snotra, goddess of wisdom. Kevin Crossley-Holland gives her one reference in his Norse Myths. Possibly a sensible goddess! Here she is an earth mother type. Olaf and Ingrid hit is off perfectly because they are both oracles. Together they keep the story arc ticking over.
  • Mike‘s best friend came back from a coma and his marriage broke up. Consequently he is in a happier place than he was at the beginning of the series because he can put his guilt behind him. He is now free to commit himself, and his skills, to Axl’s quest.
  • Anders is still a smooth arse and no further ahead in gaining more power. He got the final revelation of the season. I had already worked it out. Somebody give him a plotline! He needs more rounding out! Unless there are more consequences lurking out there waiting to bite him.
  • Ty is married to a woman he doesn’t love and can’t be with the woman he loves. It could prove to be a violent relationship. The guy has the best plotline.
  • Axl narrowly avoided marrying the wrong goddess. Unfortunately for him it meant that he has also lost the lovely Gaia, played by Keisha Castle-Hughes. When he knows what he’s doing he’s powerful, otherwise he’s a doofus.
  • Ironically in the myths Hel is the daughter of Loki.