I was at Archives New Zealand Dunedin this evening for the opening of an exhibition for Archives Week. The theme was food. I was asked about the Speculative Fiction Writing Workshop that I went to in Invercargill. I told them about the different kinds of speculative fiction: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and the other stuff (magic realism and new weird). I was asked what I want to write. Well there I’m stuck. I have entertained myself for some time picking up little details for an imaginary city. It is a part of an imaginary world I started to create a few years ago. Sticking with what I know it is a modern city, less then two hundred years old, set in the islands at a latitude that I live in. It is busy and on the trade routes. Magic exists, even though it appears to be an early modern city; and so do things older than the city itself. Even for a young city it has a lot of heritage. Then I get stuck because I don’t know what I want to write there. The workshop gave me a push to start something. As another story-teller once said, following a path can be a danger in itself. You never know where it is going to lead you.