I went to the Art Gallery where they were playing Flying Nun videos.  Some comments:

Part of the video for the Verlaines’ Death and the Maiden was filmed at 301 Stuart Street.  That’s in the same area of town where I currently live.  I must wander up that way and take a look at the house.

Coliderscope World by the Chills was filmed in a building behind the art gallery.  In the attic apparently.  It must have been cold because their breath could be seen as they sang.

Buddy by Snapper was filmed on the Peninsula.  The video began with the title Buddy Snapper, one under the other.  I thought that that was a cool name and must list it in my Scribbles File.

Man on the Verge of Nervous Breakdown was filmed in the Milburn Cement Works.  I didn’t catch the artists.

The Doublehappys filmed a video in Chris Knox‘s living room with the walls lined with sheets.  The sheet painted as their logo has since gone missing and the Film Archive would like to find it again.  This was in the 1970s.  The same effect was repeated by H.D.U. in the 2000s where their video appears to be filmed in a tent.

They finished with a twelve minute documentary to the Dunedin Sound from the 1980s called Friends of the Enemy.  It included Roy Colbert as a music critic, Shayne Carter standing outside the Captain Cook complaining that at 15 he was too young to go in and play while the local patrons were listening to a diffident covers band; and Jeff Batts mooching around the University of Otago heritage buildings complaining that the university students don’t support the Dunedin Sound because they don’t have the time!  The more things change!

Interesting audience.  There appeared to be a lot of people there who were survivors of the period.  Like me they have come through it the long way.