Interesting, I know you are out there, and yet I don’t know who you are anymore.  The statistics tell me that I’m getting a small number of hits when I post.  It doesn’t tell me about who is hitting these pages.  Well enjoy.  I trust that there are people who follow what my ruminations and I expect that some of you will talk with me and argue if necessary.  It is comforting to hope that you are there.

Well tonight the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who played.  We are about three weeks behind  B. B. C.  I took notes.

Hello Sweetie  I saw that line coming as soon as River Song appeared.

Oh, good, Arthur Darvill makes the credits now.  Good for him.

Who is the American?

If they have to burn the body completely so no part of it can be recovered I would have thought that it would have made better sense to do it on land rather than have some parts of it saved in the water.  I suppose it looks right.

Who’s the number one person that the Doctor trusts? Oh, that’s who it is.

What is the fate that Dr River Song fears worse than death?  It’s explained in the episode.  She’s right to fear it.  It explains her actions.  Who is she?  With the Doctor we’ll find out.

Mention of fish fingers and custard again.  Not sure if I would like that combination myself.  Amy Pond has the best of imaginary friends.

Who’s calling the President?  Right choice of president too.  Someone both at the right time and paranoid.  I wonder if they will play that up.

What’s with the po-faced aliens? They are very forgettable.  Quite literally.  Who they turn out to be seems to be one of the worst kept secrets on the internet, and on the trailers sadly.

How long has Scotland Yard had this?  The American in his younger days.  I kept wondering who the actor was and why he seemed familiar.  When I saw the name Marc Sheppard in the credits I checked the Internet Movie Database, and then mentally thumped myself a couple of times as he is one of those actors who was in the background of several things I had watched and enjoyed.  He has the ability to stand out for his work and disappear into the story.  I hope he proves to be a reoccurring character.