The first episode of Sherlock, Steven Moffat’s new series.

The episode opens with John Watson, a veteran of Afghanistan.  He’s a man without a life.  Since it opens with him then he is the central character, the one we must identify with, rather than the titular character.  He’s an awkward man, someone who can’t live with other people.

Fortunately for him he’s introduced to another person who can’t live with others.  What an introduction!  Sherlock is several steps ahead of the rest of us, an impossible insensitive person. Lestrade is typically the bumbling policeman.

Want to see some more death? Oh, yes!  The game is on!

The police don’t consult amateurs.

People usually say piss off! I think I would too!

The third man forces Watson to choose sides, another dramatic man, Sherlock’s No. 1 fan.  The soldier and the consulting detective in the eternal war.  Holmes shows his brilliance, chasing a cab through central London on foot by predicting its path through the streets.

Holmes is given a name for his arch-enemy Moriarty!  In the final encounter of the episode it is revealed that the third man wasn’t him.  He’s still to be revealed.  An enjoyable episode watching as Sherlock moves from impossible to sympathetic.  It would be worth watching again to see how it was done.