Three months have passed and Amy, River and Rory are running away, chased by Canton Delaware.  River Song is cornered in a skyscraper under construction in New York, no Daleks this time.  She does a dive off the side of the building, much like Trinity in the second Matrix movie . . . into a swimming pool.

Where on earth do you get dwarf star alloy, and in such quantity?

The Doctor is Drop Dead Fred, the imaginary friend who came back years later when his real friend is now an adult.

There had to be one of the Silence on the Tardis.  How do they affect the Doctor?  He is usually immune to hypnotic suggestion and mind control.

Amy and Rory get to be secret agents.  Oh, dear, Rory’s a bit clumsy, part of his charm.  Canton and Amy get to be Mulder and Sculley.  The impossible astronaut turns up again.  With so much being revealed I expect her to say Are You My Mummy?

We have no need of weapons! Yeah, welcome to America.

Everyone has implants so they can record their encounters with the Silence and gather information.  They are not memory buffers of dead people as seen in other episodes of adventures in the future.  So when Amy is speaking through hers it’s some relief to know she is not dead.

Will the impossible astronaut suit prove to be another like the enemy cyberman armour seen outside the Pandorica last season looking for a human victim to upgrade?

Rome fell, I know, I was there.  So was I. Touche to Rory.  Poor man, he’s listening to Amy’s monologue calling the Doctor to save her.

River does a wonderful spinning attack.  She’s a Doctor of Archaeology, she digs up dead things better left buried.

So Amy is possibly pregnant, subject to an uncertainty principle.   And if the regeneration seen at the end of the episode is anything to go by, then the father may not be Rory.

At least there is a hint that we will see Marc Sheppard playing Canton Delaware again.  Yay, Canton!