I’m interested to see that someone passed through this blog looking for the Brithenig Dictionary.  Hello!

The Brithenig Dictionary can be found here both as webpages and a pdf file under the section on lexicon.  I’ve added a couple of words to it since then, nothing to dramatically change it.  Brithenig has taken a backburner while I get my eclectic language project underway.  With the current discussion on the conlang list about Euroclones I am considering making it an active project.  My two goals should be to expand the lexicon to make it a practical working language; and to create a corpus for it.  I probably have enough resources at my finger tips to start on this.  I’m tempted to start translating pieces of my lectionary.  That should be a challenge as the Bible influences Comroig literature.  We shall see if I rise to the challenge.

I have no issues with calling Brithenig a euroclone.  I have often referred to it as such.  It is meant to be a European language.  I have no qualms about being deprecating about my own work.  It is nothing I want to take seriously.