No doubt everyone would have noticed that the apocalypse has been postponed.  It was supposed to happen at the beginning of last week.  Jesus didn’t come back, no one was taken up to heaven.  Not even the prophet of the event who apparently put quite a lot of effort into the event.  The date has been put back to October.

Yew Tree Women pointed out to me that in the gospels the date of the apocalypse is so classified that not even the Human Child knows.  God the father is keeping this information to himself.  So much for I and the father are one.  There are secrets in the Trinity.  What are god the son and god the holy spirit holding out on?  You heard it here first.

The gospels were written with the expectation that the apocalypse would happen in the first generation of the church.  Well it didn’t.  Maybe by the time the Gospel of John was written at the end of the first century people were thinking How do we get along with this?

Jesus has proven to be in no hurry to get back to us.  Doesn’t mind me.  He’s coming back as the messiah who walks among the lamp stands of the churches and silences his critics with a tongue like a sword in his mouth.  I’m not fussed with a messiah who’s coming back like that.  He’s coming back as the One World Leader for a Thousand Year Reign.  Apocalyptic literature is written by people under oppression.  It’s their way of getting their own back.  In hindsight it doesn’t read well.  God’s new world is a holy city without people in it.  So brand new it hasn’t been unwrapped.

Maybe he isn’t coming back.  He’s like the Holy Prophet Zarquon from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  Delayed by events so he turns up at the last moments to a few surprised restauranters watching the last spectacular show of the universe and disappearing as time comes to an end.

I remember a saying I heard when I was younger: Live each day like Jesus died yesterday, rose today, and is coming back tomorrow.  I suppose another way of putting it would be: Live as if the meaning of your world-view ended yesterday, was re-discovered today, and is immanent tomorrow.  He may come back, but that’s tomorrow.  I plan to get some sleep tonight while I wait for that.