I saw this announced on Facebook and made sure to go.  They had four Dunedin Choruses singing and one from Christchurch, the Canterbury Plainsmen.  Two chorus were male choruses, Highland Harmony and the Canterbury Plainsmen; two were female choruses, Distinctive Sounz and the Dunedin Harmony Chorus along with their quartet Nota Bene.  The fifth group, the gospel choir Sunnyside up, are a mixed gender group.  Their gospel singing was appreciated by the audience, especially children who enjoyed a performance that allowed them to clap and stamp in time to the music.

The Canterbury Plainsmen, here to get themselves out of earthquake-damaged Christchurch and fund-raise for their city where the better of the two men’s choirs.  They had the greater numbers and used their voices to accomplish Ol’ Man River, Bring Him Home and The Battle Hymn of the Republic, three moving pieces.

I have attended events to support the Dunedin Harmony Chorus in the past.  I know two of their members personally. They are very polished and don’t just sing, they perform.  I have a high opinion of what they can do.  It made for a good night out.