There is so much to write about. As I turn over the calendar I start a new calendar. Maori new year begins in June with the festival of Matariki, the Little Eyes of God. So I will put this calendar for 2010-2011 away in the draw with its beautiful photos and hung up a new one for tomorrow.

So what happened in May?

  • I got back from a weekend in Invercargill. It turned into that as there is no transport between Dunedin and Invercargill on a Saturday night. Thank you public transport!
  • I updated my will with Public Trust. They showed me where they keep their files. That was cool!
  • I didn’t get to presbytery resource group. It met at East Taieri church in Mosgiel. Everyone was out there for the Pastors Conference and I couldn’t organise a ride with which to travel
  • Ascent had a discussion group with artists from the Evolve Art Award for 2011. We got to seen three pieces of art: Spirit, Reunion and It’ll All Come Out In The Wash.
  • Parish Council met, and so did Pastoral Committee. I still have to write up the minutes for the second meeting.
  • I went to see the opera Capricio. I had a good idea what was going to happen, and what would be my reaction to it. It was an opera where the poet and the composer were competing for the hand of the countess. I knew she wasn’t going to pick the hand of either of them and I find myself thinking Hurry up and get on with it!
  • Never mind because in the same evening I went to the Concert for Christchurch about which I have written elsewhere.
  • The sad news was that first the Curator of Photography went into hospital with a diagnosis of leukemia; and then the Archivist fell off a stool and dislocated her knee. This has left the archives with half its staff out of action. The research archivist and myself persevere, and look forward to their return.