I’m a couple of days behind with this when it played. I need to catch up with my entries!

Sherlock defeats an assassin with a look-over-there feint. He’s more worried about his appearance. He has to go visit a friend, a banker who smiles like the prime minister. Now that’s creepy!

The mysterious symbols turn out to be old high Chinese. That was beginning to be obvious before it was revealed. Even I guessed it.

The underside of the city contrasted with museums of London is definitely taken this into the same territory covered by China Miéville in Kraken. Oh, and the beauty of seeing rolling shelves, aaah! And staff who care for their curacy. Thank goodness Sherlock’s a good catch (how many times did they need to practice that?) The Black Lotus Triad are coming for the curator.

It is Watson’s new girlfriend who gives the clue. I wonder if we will see her again. I suspect that this turned out to be their first and last date on the way it ended.

The episode was scripted by the writer who isn’t Moffat or Gatiss. I think I can see what some fans, I am told, were complaining. Everything was there: the characters, the actors, the story; but something didn’t spark and pull it all together. Especially since on the other channel David Suchet was riding the Orient Express and he was just magic, especially when he did his impersonation of his Poirrot voice!