I’ve discovered that if I blog about Doctor Who WordPress will aggregate my postings onto their Doctor Who site.  Well that’s worth doing.

I missed the beginning of the episode as I was out being introduced to a new friend whom I’m caring for this weekend, a beautiful Maine Coon kitten.  At seven months old he is bigger than some adult cats that I have met.  And cute, and playful, and armed with pointy bits.  Note to self, do not teach him bad habits.

So when I tuned in the episode had already established that the Tardis crew were marooned on a pirate ship with a hostile entity.  The Doctor is not fazed.  ‘We all have to go sometime’, a response that leads to Amy and Rory giving each other a significant look.

The Doctor and the Captain make it to the Tardis.  The Captain is not fazed by the Tardis’s instrumentation, once the obligatory ‘it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside’ reaction is out of the way: ‘Wheel, telescope, astrolabe, compass; a ship’s a ship.’

Both crews are cornered in a cabin with the Siren lurking outside.  There is no honour among pirates as they try to save themselves, and are caught in turn.

Second appearance of the woman with the eyepatch behind the shutter.  She also appeared in the abandoned orphanage in The Day of the Moon.  Obviously her appearances relate to this season’s story arc.

The Siren comes through mirrors.  And for good reason, there’s another ship out of phase with the pirate ship.  I know about this.  I’m old enough to remember Doctor Who and the Stones of Blood in the Key to Time season.  I kept expecting those annoying justice machines to turn up.  Script writers don’t do that anymore.  Instead we a get a hologram going ‘state the nature of the medical emergency’!

In the end, the Captain must go with his ship.  I hope this one has radiation shielding strong enough to resist binary suns!  I don’t think we get to see an exterior shot of the alien ship.