Home again.  I have been out this weekend looking after a friend’s cat.  That’s the third time this year.  I’m making a hobby of cat sitting!  This one was bigger than normal and quite a handful.

I’m also quite happy to go dog-sitting.  Offers welcomed!  So long as they’re within my traveling distance.

Also did a presentation at the Genealogical Conference this weekend.  It was a last moment thing as the Archivist who supposed to do it dislocated her knee and is now at home.  So with Jennie (note spelling!) from ResearchWrite we took up her theme and put together the presentation Going Beyond the Obvious: Using Church Archives. We ran into a technical hitch which led to Jennie racing home to get her laptop.  She was under a lot of pressure this weekend and took the load of the work for the talk.  Don’t be afraid to visit her website.  Especially if you are looking for genealogical and historical research in Dunedin.  The presentation was well received by the audience.

Got home for Matinee Idle so I can’t complain (except about the quality, that’s the reason why everyone listens!)