Sherlock will forgive anything, except bad grammar.  Will Mrs Hudson make him pay for the damage from the explosion too?  He is being impossible.

John still has the girl.  Good for him.  His blogging has been so successful that everyone reading about Sherlock and his foibles.  He is correct.  Most of us don’t live as if the earth goes around the sun.  He’s more focussed about it than others.  I’m with Sherlock on this one.

Then a boy’s shoes from a murder twenty years earlier turn up.  An early case for the consulting detective.  Did his adversary wait twenty years to set up this duel?  It must have been boring.  This is what happens when people get bored.  Is the bomber another diversion to keep Sherlock from being bored?  When Sherlock loses, somebody dies.

What’s with the spare change girl?  She’s from the Homeless Network; the 21st century equivalent of the Baker Street Irregulars.

They can’t get their planets right.  They are showing Jupiter and playing the Mars suite.  Although the Holst medley is fun.

Behind the conspiracy of whispers, Moriarty is revealed.  The three episodes, and the series end with a stand-off.  Nice cliff-hanger!