There is so much to write about again.  It happens to me by surprise.  Several things I decide I want to write about happen at once.  This is good.  It means another burst of entries.  I’m fascinated by what people want to read.  My entry on the Concert for Christchurch is still getting hits.  Apparently nobody is writing about these things.  I wrote to tell people I was there.  Maybe when I do more reviews I’m interesting.

Of the things I wanted to write about I picked tonight’s episode of Doctor Who.  It was the famous Neil Gaiman episode.  I didn’t pick that detail up until I checked it on Wikipedia afterwards.  I had gone to see who was the voice of the House.  He sounded to me like someone out of Douglas Adams.  I liked that thought.

I’m not a fan of Neil Gaiman as an author of books.  Instead I consider the strength of his work is in his ability to write scripts.  In hindsight this one was a classic piece of his writing: fantasy, whimsy, and extending the myth of the Time Lords.

Some thoughts:

Outside the universe where we’re never ever been  Not true, the Doctor and his companions have been to pocket universes before, or bubble universes as the Doctor calls them here.  I remember the E-space adventures.

The Tardis has been drained of power before.  Most famously for me in a Dalek adventure in the City of Exxilon, one of the more memorable adventures of my childhood.  It could have been my earliest encounter with Daleks.

Explanation of the matrix as the soul of the Tardis.  Sort of helps explain what the matrix was doing on the Tardis in the Doctor Who movie.

Another Time Lord episode: so there were other ‘good’ Time Lords who fled Gallifrey.  It is unlikely that we will ever meet any of them.  It’s also mentioned that the Corsair, another Time Lord, has been male and female in various incarnations.  Now that this has been added to the canon it will add fuel to the fans.

The Doctor ran his fingers over the console of his Tardis; the Tardis ran her console over the fingers of her console, not a quote from the episode, rather from one of Missing Adventures, a line stuck in my head.  The idea that the Tardis has persona, or can be a person, is not a new one.  It has been explored else where.

I take you to where you need to go, I have always suspected that.  The Tardis can deliberately land the Doctor directly in the path of danger.