This weekend a lot happened.  I got distracted in waiting for it.

First there was a dessert evening for Opoho Church members for the book launch More Than You Know.  It is the posthumously published autobiography of Rev. Pr Albert Moore.  The family had it published after the death of Albert and Alexa Moore.  Alexa lived long enough to chose the photos for it.  I’m glad to have a copy.

I had to leave early as my mother arrived on the bus from Invercargill to stay for the weekend to go see Die Walkürie at the Rialto.  We took a taxi to my room at Manono House.  I left my gloves in the taxi, which was a nuisance.  I will have to look for a new pair.

I enjoyed Die Walkürie more than Das Rheingold.  There are times when I wish that Wagner had paced his operas faster.  He can be long and tedious.  One of the things for which Wagner is forgotten is that he can write fantastically good romance scenes.  He can pull of having two people falling in love for the first time while they are sitting side by side.  It’s wonderful to watch.

And the gods.  Bryn Terfel and Rene Fleming as Wotan and Brünhilde.  The tragedy of being immortal among mortals.  The stage machine becoming a giant winged beast as Brünhilde flees from her daddy.  Wonderful!  I would pay to watch this stuff.

I look forward to the completion of this series by the Metropolitan Opera in High Definition in the new season.  In the meantime Rialto are playing some concerts from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.  Bring it on!

In the evening Khamzin Tribe put on a Hafla to celebrate midwinter.  I got a ride out and it was an enjoyable evening.  It was a bit rushed.  They are still producing some excellent dance pieces.

I had arranged for a ride to church  on Sunday as I was on door duty and it is too far for my mother to walk.  She is approaching eighty and does not take well to Dunedin’s hills after living in the level rolling landscape of Invercargill.  It was just as well as it was a frosty morning on London Street.  Only the second that I have seen in central Dunedin this season.

In the afternoon we travelled across to St Joseph’s Chapel where the Southern Consort of Voices were putting on a concert.  It was well attended and rounded off a busy weekend that I feared I would not pull together.  Phew!